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Minor in Secondary Education

Physical Education,Wellness, & Leisure

Praxis II Licensure Exams:
Praxis II: #20524 Principles of Learning and Teaching for fall 2009
Praxis II: of Learning and Teaching (PLT) in any area beginning Spring,
2010 - 20521, 20523, 20524
Health & Physical Education:
Content Knowledge - 20856
Physical Education:
Movement and Formations - Analysis & Design - 20092
Praxis II - 10091 must be taken for the Coaching Endorsement

Students must major in Health Sciences, completing the following

General Health Sciences Concentration Area (8 hours)

HSCI 3401 Nutrition
HSCI 3412 Applied Human Sciences
or BIOL 1411 or 1412 Human Anatomy and Physiology

Professional Area Requirements (55 hours)

HSCI 2372 Care & Prevention of Injuries
HSCI 3210 Individual Sports
HSCI 3211 Health & Safety of Early Childhood
HSCI 3212 Teaching Individual Sports II
HSCI 3220 Teaching Team Sports
HSCI 3222 Teaching Team Sports II
HSCI 3302 Exercise Physiology
HSCI 3310 Coaching Theory and Methodology
HSCI 3320 History of Physical Education
HSCI 3330 Teaching PK-5 Physical Education
HSCI 3372 Advanced First Aid
HSCI 3377 Drug Education K-12
HSCI 3402 Kinesiology
HSCI 3410 Biomechanics of Human Movement
HSCI 3422 Exercise, Wellness, & Lifestyles
HSCI 4340 Adapted Physical Ed. K-12
HSCI 4350 Methods & Techniques of Teaching Physical Education 6-12
HSCI 4379 Methods & Techniques of Teaching HLED
HSCI 4384 Motor Development

Updated 10.11.2011