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Vocal Arts

Bach’s Mass in B Minor

This page contains resources for choir members preparing for UALR’s Spring 2013 performance of J.S. Bach’s Mass in B Minor. Below you will find links to our rehearsal notes for the semester, as well as to free audio files that you can use to practice your part between rehearsals.

Rehearsal Lettering Guide

The files below are a resource to help those of you using the Breitkopf and Hartel score rather than the Kalmus.  It contains the Kalmus rehearsal letters and corresponding measure numbers for all the choruses Dr. Keating has asked us to learn.  Writing these letters into your score may make it easier for you to find your spot during rehearsal.

Rehearsal Notes

Mar. 14 and 20:  (1) Kyrie, part 1; (3) Kyrie, part 2; (4), Gloria; (12) Credo; (20) Sanctus; (21) Osanna; (24) Dona nobis pacem

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Mar. 7:  (1) Kyrie, part 1; (3) Kyrie, part 2; (4), Gloria; (8) Qui tollis; (12) Credo; (17) Et resurrexit; (20) Sanctus; (21) Osanna

Feb. 28: (1) Kyrie, part 1; (3) Kyrie, part 2; (4), Gloria; (8) Qui tollis; (12) Credo

 Feb. 21: (4) Gloria, (17) Et resurrexit, (21) Osanna

 Feb. 14: (4) Gloria, (8) Qui tollis, (20) Sanctus, (21) Osanna

Jan. 31: (1) Kyrie eleison, part 1; (12) Credo; (20) Sanctus; (21) Osanna; (24) Dona nobis pacem

Jan. 24: (1) Kyrie eleison, part 1; (3) Kyrie eleison, part 2; (6) Gratias agimus tibi; (12) Credo; (24) Dona nobis pacem

Jan. 17: (3) Kyrie eleison, (4) Gloria, (8) Qui tollis, and (24) Dona nobis pacem

Nov. 26 and Dec. 3 (optional morning rehearsals): Measure numbering guides and notes for (1) Kyrie eleison (part 1), (3) Kyrie eleison (part 2), (4) Gloria, (20) Sanctus, and (24) Dona nobis pacem.

Recommended Scores and Recordings

The official score for our rehearsals is the 1985 Kalmus Classic Edition score.  We will have copies to hand out in January.  If you want to buy your own copy sooner, you will need to do a little bit of searching online, as this edition is out of print.  Click the link above to find online retailers who still sell the Kalmus edition.

If you have difficulty getting a copy of the Kalmus score, or if you are a music student who wants a good score for professional purposes, Dr. Keating recommends the edition published by Breikopft & Haertel.

Dr. Keating recommends two recordings of the Mass in B Minor, both available at and many other music stores.

CyberBass midi audio files — This link takes you to a website with additional links you can click to hear the notes for your part. Using the controls on the player, you can slow the audio to as much as 50% of performance speed so that you can more accurately hear each individual note. The CyberBass site contains instructions for how to operate the player. We have also provided some advice for how to use these audio files as a study tool elsewhere on this site:

Updated 1.16.2014