McAlpine Addresses Largest ACTFL Conference

Dr. Dave McAlpine, UALR professor of Spanish and second language education, completed his term as president of the American Council on Teaching of Foreign Languages by presiding over the largest convention of the organization’s 46-year history at the Philadelphia Convention Center from Nov. 15 to 18.

McAlpine welcomed keynote speaker Dr. K. David Harrison, professor of linguistics from Swarthmore College, a language preservationist and a fellow of the National Geographic Society who spoke at UALR two years ago.

Faculty from UALR who attended the convention were Rosalie Cheatham, Stephanie Dhonau, Alan Lytle, Susanne Wagner, Sherrie Ray, and Liz Sendejo.

McAlpine ends his term as ACTFL president on Dec. 31 and continues on the ACTFL board for one more year.

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