Creating an Outline Version of Your PowerPoint

To do this, open the PowerPoint file.

Select the "Outline View."

Image showing how to select "outline view"

Place your cursor on the left side of the screen where you see the outline of all of the slides and click once. Choose "edit" and then "select all" to highlight all of the text. Image showing how to select all text in outline

Choose "edit" and then "copy."

Image showing how to copy text

Then close the PowerPoint file and open a Word processor document.

Choose "edit" and then "paste" and save the text from your slides into text format.

Finally, add the slide number before the content for each slide as shown below.

Example of document showing slide numbers

Note: Text placed in text boxes does not appear in the outline view and therefore must be typed in or copied and pasted separately. The student may also be able to provide you with other tips to improve his or her ability to access materials.

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