Early Admittance Law Program

The Early Admittance Law Program (EALP) is designed for highly motivated students of exceptional academic and intellectual ability. It requires a major in philosophy with an emphasis in legal and moral studies, and guarantees admission for students who meet program requirements to the UALR William H. Bowen School of Law (Bowen) after completion of the equivalent of three years of undergraduate study (94 credit hours).

Students in the program will be awarded the B.A. degree after completion of the first year of law school and the J.D. after completion of the remaining two years at Bowen. The first year of law school does double duty as the last year of undergraduate study, so that at the end of the six-year program term, EALP students will have eliminated 30 credit hours of time in school.

Program Requirements

To achieve early admittance to Bowen, students must meet the following requirements:

  • A major in philosophy with an emphasis in legal and moral studies
  • A grade point average of 3.5 or above
  • An LSAT score in the 75th percentile
  • Completion of all UALR Core Curriculum requirements, including the requirement of foreign language proficiency

The Major in Philosophy with an emphasis in Legal and Moral Studies

Students in the program must complete:

  • 30 credit hours in Philosophy, including Introduction to Philosophy; Critical Thinking, Logic, or Reasoning Across Disciplines; Ethics and Society; Philosophy of Law; and Political Theory
  • All University Core requirements
  • All University language requirements
  • 94 total credit hours

Once accepted to Bowen, students must take one of the jurisprudence courses offered there in their second or third year of law school study.

Program Recommendations

It is recommended that those interested in the program take Ethics and Society or Introduction to Philosophy before electing the major to determine aptitude and interest in philosophy. A grade of B or better would justify election.

The Law School Admission Test (“LSAT”)

The Law School Admission Test, a standardized test required by most accredited law schools as part of their application process, is administered by the Law School Admission Council and offered several times a year. Information about the LSAT can be found here.

The EALP requires an LSAT score in the 75th percentile. It is recommended that students take the LSAT offered in June or October of the year before intended enrollment at Bowen.

Bowen School of Law Application

Students in the program must submit an application to Bowen by January 1st for enrollment the following fall. More information on applying to the Bowen School of Law can be found here.

LSAT Preparation Workshops

Free LSAT preparation workshops are offered before the regularly scheduled LSAT exams. Students in the program have reserved seats and are encouraged to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to maximize their LSAT scores.


For more information, please contact Dr. Roxy Green at rmgreen1@ualr.edu, or call 501-569-3312.