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Department Chair Salary Conversion - 403.2

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Department Chair Salary Conversion
Policy Number: 403.2
Effective Date: August 5, 1997


The purpose of this policy is to provide for orderly and consistent practice in the determination of salaries when a person moves into or out of the position of academic department chair. Such moves usually mean a change in the appointment period from 9 months to 12 months or 12 months to 9 months. The policy is intended to result in salaries for former chairs that will typically fall within the range of salaries of senior faculty within the department. The use of administrative stipends should make it possible to accomplish this goal while at the same time making the position of chair more attractive.

  1. Internal Appointments Effective on or after July I, 1997When a person is selected for appointment as department chair and moves from a 9-month to a 12-month appointment, the 12-month salary will be determined as follows: multiply the 9-month salary by 1.25 and add an administrative stipend of 10% of the 9-month salary.

    Salary raises, if assigned as a percentage of existing salary, will be computed on the total salary of the chair, i.e., including the stipend.

    When the appointment as chair ends, and the person returns to a 9-month faculty appointment, the 9-month salary will be determined as follows: remove the original amount of the stipend from the 12-month salary then multiply the balance by .8.

  2. External HiresFor persons whose initial appointment is that of department chair, the letter of offer/acceptance will include a statement regarding transition in the future from a 12-month appointment to a 9-month appointment. This will be designed to place the 9-month faculty salary within the range of other senior faculty in the department on 9-month appointments.
  3. Policy TransitionUnless the terms of the appointment stated otherwise, when a department chair (appointed prior to 7/1/97) moves from a 12-month to a 9-month appointment, the salary will be determined as follows: Minimum of 5 years as chair: multiply the 12-month salary by .875. Minimum of 3 years as chair: multiply the 12-month salary by .845. Minimum of 1 year service: multiply the 12-month salary by .815.
  4. [Note: When the 9-month to 12-month transition occurs at the juncture of a fiscal year, the base salary should be the salary from the new fiscal year, not the old fiscal year. The total increase, therefore, is the result of two smaller adjustments: the fiscal year salary raise, and the 9-month to 12-month salary conversion. JRL 6-24-99]

  5. Previous ChairsIn the case of a person serving in a 9-month appointment who has previously served as chair and who is selected to serve again as chair, the situation will be evaluated individually for the appropriateness of the policy stated in Section I, above. The 12-month salary for such person and the plan for a later conversion from 12 to 9 months will require the specific approval of the Chancellor.

Approved By: Dr. Joel Anderson, August 5, 1997
Custodian: Provost

Updated 11.29.2012