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Here is some important P-Card information as of June 18, 2013:


Supporting documentation that is smaller than 8½ x 11 shall be securely taped on all edges to an 8½ x 11 sheet of paper. The tape shall be around the edges of the receipt, and the tape shall never be placed over the print on the receipt.

Transaction Limits

As we focus on all the ways to use the P-Card, it is our recommendation that the single transaction limit be $4,500 (including shipping/freight and taxes) and the monthly spending limit $25,000. These limits are subject to approval from your department head. Please forward a request to your department head to approve the change in the limits and forward the approval to Clarice Anderson.

Fiscal Year End

All P-Card transactions posted in June will pay out of FY13 funds, and all transactions posted in July will pay out of FY14 funds. If the FOAPAL changes for FY14, transactions posted in July will need to be reallocated to the new FOAPAL by July 18.

Blanket Purchase Orders/General Overview of Procurement Card “P-Card”

The Procurement Card or “P-Card” is a corporate Visa credit card administered by the State of Arkansas, issued by US Bank, and assigned to a specific user to procure commodities/services for official business purchases. The issuance of a P-Card to an employee represents the trust bestowed upon the employee by UALR to protect its assets and integrity. The purpose of the P-Card is to establish an efficient, cost-effective method for purchasing and paying for goods and services of small-dollar amounts. The P-Card is beneficial because it saves time and money by reducing purchase orders and checks, eliminates a need for most blanket purchase orders, provides consolidated billing, provides a mechanism for 24/7 purchases/Internet ordering, and you get the supplies you need without unnecessary delays. It is also a great benefit to our vendors because they receive their money in 24-48 hours.

Please consider using your P-Card instead of a blanket purchase order whenever possible during FY14. We can change your method of payment on the Office Depot website to your P-Card if you notify Clarice Anderson, cganderson@ualr.edu.

Office Depot Blanket Purchase Orders (PO)

If your plans are to submit an Office Depot Blanket PO, be aware that the State Contract expires December 31, 2013. Therefore, your encumbrance will only be for six (6) months.

Use of P-Card vs Office Depot Blanket

If you would like to use your P-Card instead of your Office Depot Blanket to purchase office supplies on line, contact Clarice Anderson at 569-8702.

US Bank Statement

Your P-Card statement ending June 15th is ready. You may access your online statement at https://access.usbank.com. If you have any problems accessing your statement, please email Clarice Anderson at cganderson@ualr.edu for assistance. Now is the time to reallocate costs and/or enter comments. Once complete, you may print a copy of your statement, fill out the transaction log, and submit with all receipts to Procurement Services with approvals.

Vendor Processing Fee

It’s a matter of principle and policy. In order to treat all vendors equally, UALR will not pay any credit card processing fee. If a vendor wants to charge you more for using your P-Card, then we will have to find another vendor or follow the normal procedures of requisition, purchase order, receiving report, and check issuance.

Transaction Comments

In our recent P-Card Training, we discussed the Comments box available for each transaction. The following is a DRAFT of the new, proposed procedures. We want and need your input on these procedures. Please try these procedures and let us know what you think.

DRAFT When the billing cycle is complete and the current statement is available online, the Cardholder shall access their transaction/statement online. For each transaction, the Cardholder:

  1. Shall reallocate the charge if the FOAPAL is different from the default accounting code.
  2. Shall list goods/services bought in the Comments box.
  3. Shall list name of event, grant, project, or program associated with charges, if applicable, in the Additional Comments box.
  4. Shall list any item on the transaction that would need to be reported to Financial Services for inventory purposes in the Internal Audit box.

Depending on the number of transactions per month, a Cardholder may find that they prefer to reallocate and add the required comments/info on a daily or weekly basis. DRAFT

Payment Enclosed

What happens when I see those two words? I immediately know that payment is just a formality. You have already determined you had the authority to make this purchase, you made the purchase, the goods/services have been received, and we are going through the motions of a requisition and purchase order just so we can issue the vendor a check. This process can be simplified by paying for the goods/services with your P-Card. Please think about this before you issue another requisition for “Payment Enclosed.” We are here to answer any questions you may have about this process. We encourage you to use your P-Card.

P-Card “Can” List

  • Sheet music
  • Props for musicals and plays, under $5,000
  • Instrument repairs
  • Dance supplies
  • Express delivery services – FedEx, UPS
  • USPS postage stamps for special projects
  • Weekly services, such as laundry and pool maintenance
  • Dry cleaning

If you have any questions or comments, email me or call me at 569-8702.

Thank you.

Clarice Anderson, CFE | Buyer
University of Arkansas at Little Rock | Procurement Services
501.569.3144 | cganderson@ualr.edu

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