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Am I Full Time, Half Time or Less Than Half Time?

Please consult the chart below to determine if you are a Full Time, Half Time, or Part Time student.  These hours apply to Spring, Summer and Fall terms.  Please note that in the case of Summer the hours taken need not be in the same part of term.
(Example:  Student A takes 6 hours during Summer I, 3 hours during Summer II, and 3 hours during Summer IV.  Student A’s total hours for the Summer are 12 which means that Student A is a Full Time Student).


Full Time

Half Time

Less Than Half Time


12+ hrs

6-11 hrs

1-5 hrs


12+ hrs

6-11 hrs

1-5 hrs


9+ hrs

5-8 hrs

1-4 hrs

If you require proof of enrollment you may request a letter of verification from the Office of Records and Registration or you may print it yourself through BOSS.  More information about this process can be found on our Verification website.

Updated 4.15.2013