UALR faculty and student international travelers

UALR, in consideration of both new rules and regulations at the federal level concerning restricted information, and in order to protect the institution and individual from potential conflict with such rules, has established a policy in regard to international travel. Any faculty member, staff member, or student making a trip internationally, and using university funding or carrying university owned equipment or items, must meet certain requirements before arranging or embarking on such travel.

If you are contemplating international travel, please contact our office as soon as possible to notify us of your destination and dates of travel. Before your travel interview with us, please watch the UALR-produced video on UALR ORSP’s export controls web page:

While exact details vary with destination, in general you should expect to tell our office:

  • Any FOAPAL for the funding used
  • A list of any equipment or items belonging to the university you plan to take with you
  • A list of any software packages and/or presentations you plan to use, demonstrate, present, or that may otherwise be viewed by foreign nationals during your travel

We will provide you with information on prohibited companies and individuals in the country(ies) you will visit, describe ways to protect your possessions and information, and make suggests specific to the locations you are going to. If you are using university funds or equipment, we can help you fill out this form:

Please note that travel to some countries is prohibited by the US government, other destinations have various restrictions. You will be expected to meet all such travel rules, regulations, and requirements. If you are interested, there is an ‘Export Controls’ course on the CITI Program training site.