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Sequoyah Research Center

Cottle, B.

United States to B. Cottle

For his services as attending Physician in the Cherokee removal commencing on the 2nd and ending on the 20th June, 1838 at 5$ per day, 19 days 95.00
For his actual traveling expenses accompanying an emigrating party West in the above dates as per memorandum 75.25
For his transportation in returning from Fort Coffee to Cherokee Agency East Distance 750 miles 10ct.s Per mile 75.00

Received Fort Coffee Arkansas 20th June 1838 of Edward Deas Lieut. USA.

Signed: B. Cottle, M.D.

Source: RG217, General Accounting Office, Treasury Department, Second Auditor, Indian Accounts, 1817-1922, Edward Deas File

Mem. Of Expenses of B. Cottle while accompanying a Detachment of Cherokee Indians from Cherokee Agency west of the Miss.


June 6 Board at Ross Landing $1.75
June 9 Passage from Ross Landng to Decatur 5.75
June 10 Transportation from Decatur to Tuscumbia 2.00
June 11 Board at Tuscumbia .75
June 20 Passage from Tuscumbia to Ft. Coffee 65.00

I certify on honor that the above memorandum of my expenses is correct.
B. Cottle, attending physician of Cherokee Emig.

Source: RG217, General Accounting Office, Treasury Department, Second Auditor, Indian Account, 1817-1922, Edward Deas Fil

Requisition for an additional supply of Medicines Hospital Stores &c for the Emigrating Indians removing west of the Mississippi in the Month of June 1838. Drs Folger & Cottle, Attending Physicians.

Medicines Pill Boxes Paper 1
Castor oil botl 2 Brown Sugar lb 20
Epsom Salts lb 5 Coffee lb 10
Gum Arabie lb 3/4 Refined Sugar gal 4
Balsam Copaiva botl 1 Molasses gal 21/2
Cream Tartar lb 2 Frenchy Brandy gal 2
[unreadable] lb 1 Wine gal 2
Spts. nit. Dule botl 1 Stone Jugs 4
Fla Sulphur lb 1/2 Stone Jar 1
Aurearial Ointment boxes 5 Quart Bottle 1
Turkey Opium oz 4 Half Pint Bottles 6
Red Precipitate lb 1 Vials & Corks Assorted doz 6
Refined Nitre lb 1 Medicine chest 1
Chloride of Soda botl 1 Stationery 1
Spts Turpentine botl 1 Writing Paper quire 2
Hospital Stores Small blank books 4
Lard lb 6 Ink botl 1
Yellow Resin lb 1 Ink stand 1
Alcohol 2 Quills doz 2
Chloride of Lime lb 30 Wafers oz 1
Rice lb 20
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