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Sequoyah Research Center

George W. Harkins — December 28 1831

Letter of George W. Harkins, Ouachita River, December 28, 1831

We arrived at this place about two weeks ago. Joel Nail and his party came in company with us. We came up to this place in steamboats from Vicksburg. We sent our horses and oxen by land, and about 250 head of horses have died on the road. We have had very bad weather. Since we landed at this place, about twenty of Nail’s party have died, and still they are continuing to die. Two of my party have died. We are about 200 miles from our country on Red River. It will be some time in February before we get to where we want to settle. There are 1200 of us in company, and we are compelled to travel slow, as there are so many sick people. I am afraid a great many will die before we get home. Nail has 400 with him. He has been very sick, but is now on the mend.

Source: New-York Observer, March 3, 1832, p. 35, c. 1.

Note: Preceding Harkins’ letter is the following: “The following is an abstract of a letter from George W. Harkins, the same who wrote the farewell address to the people of the United States, published in this paper sometime since. The letter is dated at the Wachita river, Dec. 28.”

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