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Sequoyah Research Center

Samuel L.M. Doak

May 27th to 12th Sept. Inclusive
For services as attending Physician at the Indian Camp near Ross’ Landing commencing the 27th May & ending on the 12th of September 1837 (Inclusive) being in all one hundred & nine days at five dollars a day $545.00

I have examined and approved the above account. The disbursing agent will Please pay the same. Nat Smith. Supt. Ch. Reml.

Received Ross’ Landing Ten. 5 June 1838 of Edwd Deas Lt. USA
Signed: S.L.M. Doak

Source: RG217, General Accounting Office, Treasury Department, Second Auditor, Indian Accounts, 1817-1922, Edward Deas File

Updated 4.19.2010