Grades 7-8

July 13-24 from 12:30 to 5:30 pm

Open to students who will complete seventh or eighth grade this spring, these classes offer a creative educational experience with limited enrollment, snacks, and a field trip.

Students will take two classes.

Course Descriptions

Jedi, Gods and Heroes: The Great Myth Adventure!
English—Kim Sanders (Jedi)

Calling all Padawan Learners! Join us on a journey from the heights of Mount Olympus to the farthest reaches of the Star Wars universe as we explore the concept of mythology. This adventure investigates the origins of mythology and legends including King Arthur, Odysseus, Greek gods and goddess, and, of course, Star Wars! You will use your own creativity in drama, art, and writing. For all of you who enjoy excitement and love a good story, this experience is for you! Adventure you shall have and take place much learning will!

Put a Lid On It: Crash Helmets
Biomechanical Engineering—Monica Meadows (Crash)

When you bike, board, or play ball, you wear a helmet. But do you know how helmets work? In this class you will work to engineer a solution to a biomechanical engineering challenge. Learn some of the functions of the brain and why protecting it, especially during sports and other physical activities, is important. Come and learn how to use biomechanical engineering to design your own helmet for a crash-test dummy!

Terra Firma
Ecology—Jason Bailey (Terra)

Do you like getting dirty? How about counting creepy crawlies? If the outside does not frighten you, then welcome to TERRA FIRMA! Here you will learn about the earth, ecosystems, animals, and their relationships. Dirty fingernails galore! You are sure to explore a world you never knew existed!

Zombie Apocalypse!
Math—Jessica Forster (Zombie)

There has been a zombie virus outbreak. You may survive…depending on your math skills. You will need to use mathematical reasoning to determine the rate of the spread of the virus, in what region the virus will spread the quickest, the probability of contracting the virus, the best way to defend yourself against zombies, and other Z-Day preparation necessities. Joining us in this adventure may make the difference between life and death!