Grades 7-8

July 10-21, 2017, from 12:30 to 5:30 pm at UA LITTLE ROCK

Open to students who will complete seventh or eighth grade this spring, these classes offer a creative educational experience with limited enrollment, snacks, and a field trip.

Students will take two classes.

Course Descriptions

1990’s: The Technology Invasion
History/ Pop Culture—Robert Meadows (Tech)

The 1990’s were the beginning of the Tech Era where the internet and personal computers became common place in the American home.   Do you wonder what your parents’ lives were like at your age?  Bill Clinton became the first Arkansan to be elected President, and were launched, “Friends” became TVs most popular sitcom, CGI movies opened with Toy Story, Sega and Nintendo struggled for gaming dominance, and the Hubble Telescope began sending images of space.  Imagine a world without these events and innovations.  Would you have cellphone in your pocket or be able to search Google for help with your next English essay?  Come discover the decade that changed everything for us!

Actor’s Studio
Acting—Belinda Devine (Actors)

If you like to act or be in the spotlight this is the place for you!  Have you ever wanted to learn acting from a professional actor that’s performed in the theater and on TV?  This is your chance! Come develop the ability to portray dramatic action honestly and believably. We will explore awareness, relaxation, observation, the senses, voice, and physical and emotional life.  Follow in the footsteps of the greatest thespians in history and prepare the way for a Tony or an Academy Award!

In the Mind’s Eye 
English—Kristen White (Mind)

Social media is full of news but not all of it is real.  Can you tell the difference between?  What is truth and what is propaganda?  You are invited on an exploration of truth and perception. Using common themes and content-rich, challenging informational and fictional texts we will learn how reality is presented and interpreted in fiction, nonfiction, art, and media. We will use literature, skits, art, and creative writing to understand differing perceptions of reality.  Find out how to translate learning to real-life contexts and problems.  Perception is Reality!

What’s Your Status?
Environmental Science—Shelby Kriz (Status)

Niche: the status of an organism within its environment and community affecting its survival as a species.  Come learn about how animals live with and around each other.  Solve the problem of when competing animal colonies get too close.  What happens when houses get too close to riparian zones? Filled with outside activities and intriguing labs this interactive class is the perfect place for future biologists, wildlife experts, ecologists, and animal lovers.

Zombie Apocalypse
Math—Jessica Forster (Zombie)

There has been a zombie virus outbreak.  You may survive….depending on your math skills.  You will need to use mathematical reasoning to determine the rate of the spread of the virus, what region the virus will spread the fastest, the probability contracting the virus, the best way to defend yourself against zombies, and other Z-Day preparation necessities.  Joining us in this adventure may make the difference between life and death.