Undergraduate studies in social work

As an urban University within a largely rural and high poverty state, we are committed to the values of diversity, human rights, and social justice.  Building upon a person-in-environment perspective, the BSW curriculum is designed to enhance student’s critical thinking, problem solving, and evaluative skills.  This empowers students to engage in understanding complex social issues as well as to work within different settings with a variety of client systems at the individual, family, group, community, and organizational levels.

BSW students begin social work course work in their junior year, building upon a required University core curriculum.  BSW course work introduces students to the generalist model, preparing them to work with diverse populations at micro, mezzo, and macro system levels.  In both their class and writing assignments and in their work with client populations through their internships, students learn about and apply social work knowledge, values, and skills.  They learn to think critically about generalist practice.

The BSW Program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. We admitted our first class of students in 1997 and graduated our first class in 1999.


The application process for the BSW program takes place in the spring for admission to the program. Due to the structured nature of our program, students must start their social work classes (beyond Introduction to Social Work) in the fall semester of each year. Applications are typically due in mid-March and applicants are notified of their status by mid-June.