Speech Communication Students Study Abroad in Paris, France

Experiencing new cultures is vital to a person’s growth. This is why the Department of Speech Communication creates peak learning experiences for undergraduate and graduate students with faculty-led study abroad programs. Since 2010, students have traveled across the globe to France, India, and Costa Rica. In May 2012, 10 speech communication students studied abroad in Paris, France for one week to research lived experience and fundamentally understand the nature of being human.


Led by Dr. Mirivel, the course first took place on campus during five 2-hour sessions to introduce core theoretical and philosophical principles and prepare students for the experience. Then, the group traveled together, held class every morning at the local cafés to discuss content and reflect on what they saw, and visited key sites such as the Eiffel tower, Le Louvre, and Notre Dame. This year, the students attended Roland Garros, an international tennis tournament that brings the city of Paris to life every May. Upon return, the students delivered public presentations that fused their experiences abroad with course material. Studying abroad in a faculty-led program is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that enables students to learn and grow. These programs reflect the department’s commitment to foster lifelong learning, the ability to communicate well, and global citizenship.

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