Graduate Alumni: Program Reviews

Lisa Bondurant Vice President, Director of Public Relations, Communication’s Group

“Imagine getting to take advantage of two and a half years of intensive professional development. Imagine that twice a week you were able to interact with experts, researchers, speakers, and trainers in the communication field. Imagine that every 6-8 weeks you were introduced to concepts, theories, and insight into organizational and interpersonal communication that you were immediately able to turn into practical application in your workplace. In a nutshell, this describes my experience with the MAIOC program at UALR.”

Robert MockAssistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

“My graduate degree has afforded me job opportunities, improved my interpersonal skills, interviewing techniques, and professional consultant opportunities.”

Mary CantrellDirector, Clinical Skills Center, Standardized Patient Program for University of Arkansas Medical Sciences

“I was able to detail my degree to fit my job. I use communication theory and practice every day in my teaching and testing. I have also started lecturing in other colleges. The possibilities are endless! I am now branching out into consulting and I realize that I will never be without a job!”

Tamidra MarableDirector of Training, Heifer International

“The knowledge I gained through obtaining my degree has been very beneficial. I have utilized my knowledge of survey development and report preparation, organizational assessment, and communication audits. I have also utilized my knowledge of multi-cultural communication.”

Judy Short DenioInstructional Designer for SBC Network Services

“My graduate degree provided me with skill sets that complement my technical knowledge. For example, before beginning a paper-based project, a task analysis must be performed (organizational audit); create an audience profile (organizing a speech); write objectives (organizational communication); develop test items, write content, evaluate the course, train the trainer (all speech presentation preparation).”

Pat Hawkins-SweedenCorporate Training Manager for Maverick Transportation Inc.

“I deal with all levels of educational experiences in my job, as well as cultural differences. My graduate degree assisted me in everything I do-relating to all people, understanding differences, giving me confidence in communicating with others, as well as giving me confidence in my abilities. No matter what our jobs are, it all deals with communication, which is what MAIOC is all about!”

Dr. Renva WattersonChairperson of Division of Communication Arts, Shorter College, Rome, Georgia

“My interest in interpersonal and organizational communication was nurtured, from the beginning, at UALR. The courses that I teach today, Interpersonal, Small Group, Communication Research, Gender Communication, for example, have all grown from the MAIOC foundations I gathered there. In addition, nowhere was I treated with more civility and caring, both as a graduate student, and as a beginning instructor. I consider the degree program to be among the finest, and the faculty, truly warm, enriching and outstanding. Every time I’ve gotten the chance, I’ve attempted to direct an excellent student to the capable leadership at UALR’s Speech Communication Department.”

Pat SweedenTraining Manager, Maybelline, Inc.

“I have applied everything in the MAIOC program on the job. Both theory and application courses provided knowledge and skills (and material) for my training and development role. The MAIOC program was the best investment of time and money I have expended in my career.”