Dr. Charles W. Donaldson Summer Bridge Academy

About the Summer Bridge Academy

Dr. Charles W. Donaldson Summer Bridge Academy

The academy is a three-week residential program aimed at preparing incoming freshmen for college-level work by eliminating the need for them to take remedial math and English courses.

Students who attend will:

  • Save $1000 by eliminating remedial math and English courses.
  • Earn a $200 stipend while learning and having fun.
  • Get FREE room & board in University Housing.
  • Attend motivational workshops, special events, and fun activities
  • Build long-lasting relationships with faculty, staff, peers and mentors.

Why Attend the Summer Bridge Academy
The academy set record numbers in its pilot phase this summer. Out of 44 students, 11 became eligible for honors composition, 38 bypassed developmental math with an average math score increase of 20 points, almost 80 percent bypassed developmental composition, and 50 percent bypassed developmental reading. Read more about the Academy at Pilot program shows remediation rates can make significant improvements.

Apply to attend Summer Bridge Academy
Selected students must be admitted to the university and prepared to spend three weeks in an academically intensive learning environment. Parents/guardians must agree to attend the Parent Information Session at noon Sunday, July 13.  Students will be required to stay in residence for the full three weeks, including weekends.

apply now to UALR's Dr. Charles W. Donaldson Summer Bridge Academy

Registration is now open. To enroll in the program, please complete the 2014 Summer Bridge Academy Application.

If you have questions please e-mail Amber Smith at arsmith2@ualr.edu or call 501-569-8712.