Funding Your Program

Financial Aid is available to UALR students going on APPROVED study abroad programs.

Whether you are planning to study abroad on a UALR exchange program, a UALR faculty-led program, or through a program provider, it is important that you meet with the Programs Abroad Coordinator to find out the steps that need to be taken to be sure you can use your financial aid.

Getting Started with Financial Aid for Study Abroad

Step 1) Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at

Step 2)Meet with the Programs Abroad Coordinator and APPLY for your program by completing a
2014 UALR Programs Abroad Application or UALR Faculty-Led Program Application.

Step 3) Once your application is submitted, you will complete a Programs Abroad Budget to be submitted to the Programs Abroad Coordinator.

Step 4) You will you will receive a UALR Programs Abroad acceptance letter that will include the cost of your program to take to your Financial Aid Advisor along with a letter that you write to request an increase in your financial aid based on the cost of your study abroad program.

Step 5) Attach your Programs Abroad acceptance letter to your letter and take it with you to see your Financial Aid Advisor.

Studying Abroad on a Non-UALR Program

If you choose to study abroad on a non-UALR Program, you must still complete a UALR Programs Abroad Application. Additionally, you will work with the Programs Abroad Coordinator to compete a Consortium Agreement Form with the accredited program or institution you will be utilizing to study abroad. This form will work to ensure that you can use your financial aid to study abroad.