You flew through your freshman year – congrats! Now that you’ve got some core classes behind you, you are well on your way to getting determining your major and getting your degree.

It’s important that you plan ahead for summer semesters. So you don’t miss a step, here’s the rundown of what you need to do:

Step 1Get advised and register

Meeting with an undergraduate advisor is simple (and essential) – to schedule your first appointment call 501.569.3386 or 501.569.8688. This also is when you will log in to BOSS, our registration system. Find out more >>

Early Registration For all Sessions:

April 1st – May 14th

For regular and late registration deadlines please refer to the Semester Calendar.

Step 2Pay for School

Visit our Bursar’s Website for fee payment information and deadlines. For financial aid information, visit our Financial Aid site. Visit our Scholarship site for scholarship information.