UALR Campus Garden Work Day

Please join us for our first official Campus Garden Work Day hosted by the Anthropology Club!

Friday, September 21
Worth James Property

If you do not know where the Worth James Property is located – meet in Anthropology Department, Stabler Hall, Room 405, and we will walk as a group to the Worth James Property.  If you would like to meet us there – the Worth James Property is located along Fair Park Blvd, across from the US Pizza.  You can access the site through Parking Lot 12 (look for the open gates by the old gas pump).

Projects:  Roof structure planning and design over metal cages, re-mulching the perimeter and seams of solarization sheets, invasive plant/poison ivy removal around cages, and possible tour of the World Services garden beds and greenhouse (depending on size of group).

Things to wear/bring:
Gloves, Hat, Shovels, Long sleeve shirt, Boots, Bug spray?
Trucks are useful.
We will supply wheelbarrows, shovels, gloves, trash bags, but any other tools and materials are helpful!

Garden Update:

In late July, we installed clear plastic sheets in the area where we plan to develop the native plant garden on the Worth James Property site. This non-chemical method, known as solarization, is used to stress and kill off soilborne pests such as disease causing organisms (pathogens), nematodes, bermuda grass and other weeds. Undertaking solarization before planting will save future effort weeding and battling plant diseases and pests.  It should stay in place for six weeks but we will most likely wait until we have access to a viable water source, to ensure that the native transplants are able to establish themselves in their new environment.  In the mean time, we plan to prep the garden site for future projects and development.  This includes adding a roof structure to the cages already at the garden so that there is a covered, weatherproof area to place low value equipment, hoses, etc.  This also gives us the opportunity to build a rain capture barrel system. We have put in a request to Facilities Management to upcycle two large plastic bins for this project.  Planning and design for a rainwater catchment system will be the primary focus of this Work Day.  The solarization sheets also need some maintenance to prevent encroaching weeds (nutsedge?!) from overtaking their borders and seams.  Come prepared to get your hands dirty!  We could use all the help we can get.

Anthropology Club will supply a cooler with ice-cold drinks!

If you have questions or would like more information on getting involved with the UALR Campus Garden, please email

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