Shucheng Yu
Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
E-mail: sxyu1 AT ualr DOT edu
Phone:+1 501-569-8141
Office: EIT 566
Short Biography

I am an assistant professor at the Computer Science department at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. I received my PhD from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, a MS from Tsinghua University, a BS from Nanjing University of Posts & Telecommunications. I am currently leading the Information Assurance Research (IAR) Laboratory. My current research interest includes:

  • Cloud Computing and Security: Secure storage, search and processing of encrypted data; secure and efficient big data analytics; secure computation outsourcing; software-defined cloud networking.
  • Internet of Things and Wireless Security: Wireless physical-layer security; authentication and secure communication of smart devices and personal area network; energy efficiency and intelligent spectrum utilization.
  • Security and Privacy Issues in Cyber-Physical Systems including mobile health and smart grid.
  • Applied Cryptography

I am looking for self-motivated Ph.D students in areas of Cyber Security, Cloud Computing and Wireless Networking. Please send me your CV, transcripts, TOEFL and GRE scores via email. You can also stop by my office at EIT 566. Financial support will be available to qualified students.

News Update
  • [Dec.2013]The IAR lab got three papers accepted by IEEE Infocom 2014!
  • [Jun.2013]Our paper "Secure and Constant Cost Public Cloud Storage Auditing with Deduplication" is accepted for publication by IEEE CNS 2013!
  • [Apr.2013]Our paper "BANA: Body Area Network Authentication Exploiting Channel Characteristics" is accepted for publication by IEEE JSAC, special issue on Signal Processing Techniques for Wireless Physical Layer Security!
  • [Mar.2013]Our paper "Surviving the RF Smog: Making Body Area Networks Robust to Cross-Technology Interference" is accepted as a full paper by IEEE SECON 2013!
  • [Jan.2013]Our paper "ASK-BAN: Authenticated Secret Key Extraction Utilizing Channel Characteristics for Body Area Networks" is accepted as a full paper by ACM WiSec 2013!
  • [Dec.2012]Our paper "Privacy Preserving Back-Propagation Neural Network Learning Made Practical with Cloud Computing" has been accepted by IEEE TPDS!
  • [Nov.2012]Our paper "SybilShield: An Agent-Aided Social Network-Based Sybil Defense among Multiple Communities" is accepted as a full paper by IEEE INFOCOM 2013!
  • [Nov.2012]Our paper "Efficient Privacy-Preserving Biometric Identification in Cloud Computing" is accepted as a full paper by IEEE INFOCOM 2013!
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