Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT)

The Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) is a 2-hour multiple-choice test designed to assess aptitude for business and finance. Every BAT test-taker is anonymously entered into the Bloomberg Talent Search Database. Available to more than 20,000 top firms, the Talent Search allows employers to contact a test-taker for an internship, or full-time position.

Who should take the BAT?

The BAT was built to measure the aptitude, not technical knowledge, of all test takers, finance and non-finance alike, and is recommended for any individual who is considering an opportunity to work in business or finance.

How do I bring the BAT to my campus?

The BAT is now available through UALR Testing Services. You can send them an email at with the name of UALR and your contact information and they will help guide you in the process.

How can I prepare for the BAT?

The BAT is an aptitude test that is based on your inherent skills, not what you studied. Although there are no official study guides for the BAT, they do offer sample questions to give test takers an idea of what to anticipate.

Complete information can be found on the Bloomberg Institute Student FAQ website.