Faculty Accommodated Testing Proctor Requests

The deadline for any request submission is 14 working days PRIOR to the anticipated test day.

Faculty responsibilities:

Please keep in mind that Testing Services’ lab space is limited and available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  1. Login into your RegisterBlast Professor Module account, to create and submit your accommodated test administration request. Follow the instructions to attach the exam.
  2. Test administration request submission options:
    1. Submit all requests and exams at the beginning of the term.
    2. Submit all requests at the beginning of the term, then exams as they become available.
    3. Submit requests and exams as you are able, but at least 14 business days prior to the first administration date.
  3. Inform the student(s):
    1. Their exam will be administered in the Testing Services computer lab only, by RPnow only, or they have the option to use either.
    2. The student will be contacted by the Testing Services accommodations coordinator after your request is received; typically by email.
    3. Refer the student(s) to the Disability Resource Center website for additional information.

Appointment scheduling:

  1. Faculty members must not schedule appointments. The appointment will be made by the Testing Services accommodations coordinator. The coordinator will contact the student AFTER your accommodated test administration request has been received in Testing Services.
  2. Faculty, please refer to Testing Services’ hours of operation prior to requesting any type of exam administration.

Other testing options:

  1. If your class is taught outside of Testing Services’ operating hours, such as in the evening or on the weekend, you may decide that students may test during Testing Services’ hours.
  2. You may permit students to use Remote Proctor Now. This option allows students to test in the convenience of their own homes any time, day or night. Security monitoring is provided as is online and phone support, 24/7.
    • RPnow is compatible with many different online course delivery systems such as: MyAccountingLab, MyMathLab, MyPsychLab, Blackboard, Pearson MyLab, Cengage, Wiley, McGraw Hill Connect, and any LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) platform.
    • The accommodated student will be contacted by the accommodations coordinator to schedule an appointment AFTER your request has been received in Testing Services.
    • No student testing remotely should make an appointment in RegisterBlast (online appointment scheduler). All students remotely testing must call Testing Services to schedule a remote proctoring appointment, 501.569.3198
  3. Students may test within your department or college.

Testing within your department or college

There may be situations where it is preferable or necessary to administer exams within your department. These include:

  1. Exams that are not paper/pencil or online (such as ASL, oral exams, piano, lab)
  2. Specialized software is needed for the exam
  3. The professor needs to be physically available during the exam
  4. The course is off campus (such as Bowen or Benton)
  5. Testing Services does not have space available at the needed time

If this is the case, please follow the procedure for Accommodated Exams in Academic Departments.

An inclusive approach

There is a more inclusive approach for students to demonstrate their mastery of the course material than just utilizing exams. This approach has the benefit of not having to set-up a separate testing situation for students with disabilities. Let the DRC know if you would like to discuss these options further, or if you would like to make such changes to your course design.

It is the goal of Testing Services personnel to meet the needs of students and faculty in the most expeditious manner possible. Please do not hesitate to contact the coordinator if you require special arrangements outside of our normal operating hours.

Testing Services contact:

    Accommodations Coordinator
    University of Arkansas at Little Rock
    Testing Services
    2801 South University Avenue
    Student Services Center, room 315
    Little Rock, Arkansas 72204
    Emails from a Yahoo account cannot be received. UALR’s server blocks them. Any other email provider is acceptable.

Disability Resource Center contact: