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Testing Services and Student Life Research

Distance Education Proctoring Services (DEPS) for Faculty

The deadline for a request submission is 14 working days PRIOR to the first anticipated test date.

Distance Education Proctoring Services Request form

What are Distance Education Proctoring Services (DEPS)?

This service provides support to faculty to improve the quality of online course instruction. You can be assured that your students will take exams:

  1. under the supervision of an approved, and neutral proctor,
  2. where they show photo ID to confirm identity, and
  3. where they remain in continuous line of sight of the proctor.
Pocket Guide

DEPS brochure updated June 26, 2013

Why Use this Service?
  1. Identity verification is required by law.
  2. Proctoring deters academic dishonesty.
Comparison of Testing Options
DEPS Security and Staffing Options UALR Remote CCTC
ID verification X X X
Secure test materials X X X
Recorded video X X varies
Recorded audio X X
Screen viewing technology X X
Lock-down browser X -
Disable electronic devices and lock-up personal items X -
Ability to proctor paper/pencil exams X -
Ability to proctor Blackboard exams X X
Reduced distraction environment X -
Flat rate proctoring fees FREE $15 per exam
On site personnel to assist with questions in real time X - X
  1. UALR
    • The student tests in a state-of-the-art lab within Testing Services.
    • Testing Services will also work to accommodate disability requests.
  2. Remote
    • Students may test from home if they are not within a reasonable distance from UALR or another testing center.
    • The software program, Remote Proctor Now, is used for test delivery, student identification, and test monitoring.
    • Students pay online to have their exam proctored.
  3. CCTC (Consortium of College Testing Centers)
    • The student tests and is proctored at another university testing center.
    • Students select a location near their home from the Consortium of College Testing Centers that, like UALR, adhere to the professional standards and guidelines of the National College Testing Association.
How to Set-Up Your Class for Distance Education Proctoring Services
  1. Create your exam or upload your question bank into Blackboard.
  2. Review the information and complete the Proctor Request Form. You will receive a confirmation email of your submission.
    • Be sure to check Testing Services’ hours of operation before designating the time period within which your students must test.
  3. Inform your students of their options, and have the students contact Testing Services to schedule their appointment, 501.569.3198. Faculty must not make appointments.
    • Due to the high volume of tests administered, Testing Services maintains an online scheduling system which enables us to serve students and faculty in the most expeditious manner.

Ms. Arrayon Farlough
Assistant Director and DEPS Coordinator
Testing Services and Student Life Research
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
2801 South University Avenue
Student Services Center, room 315
Little Rock, Arkansas 72204
Phone: 501.569.3198
Fax: 501.569.8096
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Updated 10.8.2013