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University Television

The Bowen Connection

Bowen Connection Logo
University Television and the William H. Bowen School of Law are partnering to present The Bowen Connection a program where law professors discuss legal issues relevant to everyday life.
Each week host Tonya Oaks Smith will delve into topics such as healthcare law, school integration, and harassment in the workplace.

University Television will air a new program each week at 8pm on Thursdays and repeat at 11:00 am on Sundays as well as other times as the schedule allows.

Rules of Evidence

Animal Law

The Supreme Court & Healthcare

Federal Disability Law

Juvenile Crime


The Occupy Movement

Political Action Committees

Disability Law

Domestic Violence

Legal Immigration

Criminal Acts and Consequences

Freedom of Religion

Different Courts

Charter Schools

Harassment at Work

Self Representation

Police Interactions

Education Law

Healthcare Law

Technology and the First Amendment

Updated 6.5.2013