Request for Authorization of Travel Expenses (TA)

University policy states that employees traveling on behalf of UALR should have an approved Request for Authorization of Travel Expenses (TA) on file. This authorization will also include any “estimated” expenses that will be incurred while traveling. Travel expense reimbursements will not be issued unless a TA is on file.

When traveling on official business, employees are covered under the university’s travel accident insurance policy as long as a TA form is on file. Even if the employee does not intend to claim expenses for reimbursement, the TA form must be completed and the box “No Cost – UALR Insurance Only” should be checked. Travel accident insurance only covers employees during actual time while operating a vehicle on official business.

Request for Authorization of Travel Expenses (TA)

In addition, any employee, student, or guest of state operating a motor vehicle on official business or a sponsored trip (personal, university, or rental vehicle), must be age 18 or older and complete an Authorization to Operate a Motor Vehicle form. This form acts as a release to permit UALR to check the driving record, and anyone found to have an unacceptable record will not be allowed to drive.

Submit the TA to Procurement Services. A copy will be returned to you once an Authorization Number has been assigned.

Please contact LaVonne Colwell at or 501.569.8700 if you have any questions about completing this form or travel procedures.

Reminder: After return of the trip, the Travel Reimbursement Form (TR-1) must be submitted to Accounts Payable within 5 working days.