“Tell me, and I will forget; show me, and I will remember; involve me, and I will understand.” – Confucius

Personal Items

In order to minimize clutter and congestion around computers (and the likelihood of inadvertently unplugging a machine) clients are encouraged to leave their books and backpacks in the book-drops. Only the actual materials needed to write and valuables (purses, wallets) should be taken to the computers.

Computer Software

The UWC uses the Microsoft Office 2010 word-processing applications. All other word-processing applications, miscellaneous programs, or games are strictly prohibited. Neither staff nor clients may bring any software but Travel Drives (Flash Drives) on which to save their work.


Only one person at a time is permitted to work at each word processor; if a neighboring computer is unoccupied, a client may use that chair to help a fellow client (but only if that computer is not needed). Clients seeking significant help with work in progress should print a paper copy and move to the conference area. Clients taking more than a very brief break (to the bathroom, for example) should relinquish their machines. Although this policy should be enforced at all times, it is especially important that we do so during “peak use” time when the demand for machines is great.

Computer and Print Problems

Ask the writing center staff to assist you if you need help. DO NOT shut down a computer without checking with the writing center staff, particularly if a disk will not eject from the hard drive. Please do not view inappropriate web sites. Clients should print no more than two copies of any document and only print a maximum of 10 pages. If more pages need to be printed the library printers should be used.There are many copy machines available on campus if clients wish to make more copies. Clients are not allowed to print large documents from the Internet. If a document does not print, please do not keep clicking the print button on the computer. If you are having problems with the printers please ask a Graduate Student or Intern.


Clients should not use the phone at anytime in the University Writing Center. Clients should go outside if they need to use their phones. Phones should be turned off or silenced during conferences. Interns and staff are not to use the UWC phone for personal calls unless it is an emergency. Clients and staff are not to leave the UWC phone number as a number at which they may receive calls.