3 December 2012

Final Exams Nearly Here: Dress the Part

posted by Jennifer Godwin

Back by popular demand, guest blogger Jon Vickers from nursing shares the seasonal fashions our students might be sporting this month.

It’s that time of year again. Finals week is fast approaching and the collective tension on campus is rising each day. As the semester draws to a close, one may start to notice more and more students dressing for their chosen profession as part of their education. Many of us don’t have the opportunity to “dress the part.” Here are some things they may be thinking about, and while it is important not to judge a book by its cover, each degree and person has unique challenges … and identifying characteristics.

What I’m wearing: Scrubs.

What does it say about me: I want to be a nurse, and bodily fluids don’t really bother me.

Why am I stressed around finals: Two words: State boards.

What I’m Wearing: My very best suit/pantsuit with the most muted colors possible.

Why I’m wearing it: I have a huge presentation worth 60 percent of my total grade for a professor who acts like he is on that show Shark Tank … and I secretly love wearing a power tie.

Why I’m stressed out during finals: Stress?  Ha!  Stress is my middle name.  I thrive on stress, that’s why I’m a business major.  Don’t you know, coffee is for closers!

What I’m wearing: Carhartt jacket.

What I’m going to college for: Construction Management

Why am I stressed around finals: Who knew building bridges involved so much math?

My tools of the trade: Giant-sized easel and canvas that I have to drag from my car in the back of Lot 13.

What does it say about me: I value expression, the ability to be creative and to convey emotion and passion.  Oh, how wonderful it is to tell a three-dimensional story on a two-dimensional surface … and I freaking love coffee.

Why I’m stressed during finals: How the $*%# are you supposed to draw love??  Where’s my coffee?

What I’m wearing: Sweater Vests

Why am I wearing a sweater vest: Nobody knows, I could be a rocket scientist, I could be a stay-at-home dad, I could be a professional basketball player.  I’m crazy man and you have NO IDEA!

Why I’m stressed around finals: Because my torso is burning up but my arms are freezing!

What I’m wearing: Adidas sandals and socks.

What does it say about me: Student Athlete just leaving practice.

Why I’m stressed around finals: We have to go where, to play what team? And I have to get what grades?  You want me to practice how much?  And work out when? AHHHH!!!

My tools of the trade: Rockin my lapper with my headphones.

Where you will find me: Second floor of EIT, baby.

Why I’m stressed: Who decided to release HALO around the same time as finals!!!

My outfit: Pajamas (feet optional) that give me a level of comfort not unlike Linus and his blanket.
Where you might find me: Roaming near Starbucks, or passed out in a quiet, cozy spot in the library. Or you won’t, because I’m holed up in my room studying.

Why I’m stressed: It’s finals week. What do you expect? Bring chocolate and cheese, quick!

3 Responses to “Final Exams Nearly Here: Dress the Part”

  1. Sherri Graves says:

    I think I might be in my pajamas because I am enrolled in the UALR DON BSN online completion program!!!! What a great way to learn!

  2. James Walker says:

    What do I wear? What ever Fits, nobody told I would gain 100 pounds since I was actually college age.

    You can find me in the business building wopin some young punks on COD Black Ops!

    Why am I stressed during Finals? Well, why did I have to wait to age 50 to finish college!

  3. Jamie Jones says:

    Another nice place to sleep is on the third floor of the ETAS building. Or so I’ve heard. Anyway, I see people sleeping there all the time.

    Gotta love college!

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