A True Legend: Richard Dixon

A True UALR Legend

If you were a student in one of Richard Dixon’s classes, you probably realize by not that you were witness to a legend in the making.

According to Bill May, LRU Class of ’57, Mr. Dixon “brought history to life.” Bill says, “Western Civilization was one of those classes you didn’t look forward to taking, but Mr. Dixon made you feel like you were watching a Saturday serial…you couldn’t wait to get back to class to find out what happened to the hero. I enjoyed his so much that I signed up for American History the next year!”

In a recent conversation, Mr. Dixon reminisced about those days and talked about coming out of each class wringing wet from the effort of teaching.

Memories shard from the podium by many of our UALR Distinguished Alumni award winners support the fact that if you ever had Mr. Dixon for class, you didn’t forget it. From his larger than life portrayals of various historical figures to his insistence that you be on time or find the door locked, he sat the bar high because he has important information to share. He gave his best and expected the same from his students.

That passion for teaching brought Mr. Dixon’s former students full circle when, in 1990,they organized an effort to endow a scholarship to honor his career. It was presented during a day of celebration and remembrance with more than 100 alumni in attendance, and over the last 20 years the scholarships have helped many students reach their goal of a college degree.

Where Is He Now?
Mr. Dixon, now in his 80’s and long retired, continues to research and write and inform our world of the history behind the scenes. He contributes regularly to his scholarship and has a bequest in his will to ensure that his legacy of teaching lives on.

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