I. General Duties of Students

A. Presumptive Knowledge of Rules and Announcements

  1. A student is presumed to know all the academic rules and all other requirements and rules of the UALR William H. Bowen School of Law.
  2. A student is under an obligation to read regularly the notices posted on the official glassed-in bulletin boards or on the website, placed in student mailboxes, or delivered to students’ email accounts. Students will be on constructive notice of any matter announced by any of the above methods.

B. Burden to Comply with Academic Rules

  1. The burden is on the student to demonstrate compliance with all requirements.
  2. This includes such matters as following up on written petitions and making certain that granted petitions are signed by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.
  3. A student is responsible for keeping track of the student’s own residency credits pursuant to these rules, as well as credit hours for graduation.
  4. Any misrepresentation by a student in submitting petitions or other matters with respect to the academic rules will be deemed a violation of the Code of Student Conduct as well as the academic rules.