Moot Court Board

The Moot Court Board at Bowen participates in five national interscholastic competitions each year, on average. These prestigious competitions focus on cutting-edge legal issues in areas such as criminal law and criminal procedure, constitutional law, evidence, intellectual property, and family law, to name a few. Most of these competitions take place in the spring semester. In order to be well prepared for these competitions, team members practice their oral arguments before panels of attorneys who act the part of appellate judges. Because each team practices a minimum of eighteen hours before the team heads to the competition, the Moot Court Board depends on its alumni to volunteer for service on one of the practice panels. Alumni-judges will study the appellate record for the competition and develop challenging questions for both sides on the issues raised in the appeal; after the arguments have concluded, they will offer their critiques and suggestions for improving the team’s performance. Volunteers should allow 2-3 hours for reading the record and developing questions; each practice lasts 1-2 hours. To volunteer as a practice round judge, contact Director of Advocacy Patrick Harris.