Business Innovations Legal Clinic Clients and Partners

Some of the clients and partners of the Business Innovations Legal Clinic are:

  • Africa Day Fest is a festival based in Little Rock celebrating the food, music, and culture of Africa.  The Clinic will be assisting the Festival in creating a standardized process for completing all the legal forms and procedures necessary to host the festival.
  • Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub is a maker-space focused on inclusive entrepreneurship with community classes available at low-cost membership rates. The Clinic assists the Hub with a variety of transactional matters.
  • Veteran Capital is a veteran-owned social enterprise focused on helping outgoing servicemembers receive training, experience, and job placement in tech start-ups and other entrepreneurial fields.
  • Farm Girl Meats is a local, family-owned ranch raising grass-fed cattle and free range poultry through sustainable farming practices.
  • Curvy Consciousness (Mumford & Associates) is a women, minority-owned consulting business focused on public health education that is culturally relevant and accessible.

*All clients and partners have agreed to have their identities and legal needs disclosed to the public.

Would you like to be a client/partner of the Business Innovations Legal Clinic? Contact:

Doug Cortes, Visiting Assistant Professor of Clinical Education and Director of the Business Innovations Legal Clinic