United Way Campaign – LR 223.3

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: United Way Campaign
Policy Number: LR 223.3
Effective Date: July 12, 2018


The University of Arkansas at Little Rock has for many years conducted a United Way Campaign each fall as a way for our campus community to invest in the extended community we serve. Gifts to United Way help those with the greatest need in Central Arkansas.

The United Way Campaign is one of two annual solicitations that are authorized for payroll deductions. The Campus Campaign has an internal focus and the United Way Campaign has an external focus.

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock is consistently recognized as one of the top contributing workplace campaigns in the Pulaski County area. We cannot underestimate the significant difference that the contributions from our campus make in our community. Giving to the United Way is voluntary and confidential.

Responsibility for the United Way Campaign will rotate annually among vice chancellors in the order listed below. The schedule for 2018-2019 through 2023-2024 is as follows:

Vice Chancellor Year
Student Affairs 2018-2019
Finance & Administration 2019-2020
Advancement 2020-2021
Government Relations 2021-2022
Academic Affairs 2022-2023
Athletics 2023-2024

Beginning with Student Affairs in the 2018-2019 academic year, each vice chancellor will be responsible for the UA Little Rock United Way Campaign every sixth year.

The six-year rotation cycle will operate in perpetuity or until changes are made to the university’s administrative structure.

Source: Chancellor’s Office
Revised: November 1, 2012; October 14, 2014; July 12, 2018
Approved By: Chancellor Joel D. Anderson
Custodian: Office of Chancellor