Grades Policy – LR 404.13

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Grades Policy
Policy Number: LR 404.13
Effective Date: August 15, 2018
Revised Dates: August 15, 2018
Most Recent Review Date: March 30, 2018 (Faculty Senate)


Undergraduate Grades

Permanent letter-grades are here indicated, together with the grade-point value of each grade:

Letter Grade Type Grade Points
A Superior Work 4
B Good Work, Above-Average 3
C Average Work 2
D Passing Work, Below Average 1
F Failing Work 0

Graduate Grades

Permanent letter-grades are here indicated, together with the grade-point value of each grade:

Letter Grade Type Grade Points
A Superior Work 4
B Average Work 3
C Unacceptable Work 2
D Failing Work 1
F Failing Work 0

Other grading symbols:

Credit (CR) or No Credit (NC) may be given in certain courses instead of the usual letter grades.

A student may elect to take no more than one course each semester on a CR/NC basis if the course instructor concurs provided this agreement is established at the start of the course. This course may not be used to meet the general education requirements, major requirements, or minor requirements. Courses in which a department requires CR/NC grading are not included in this limitation.

W — withdrawal after the drop date (see Attendance and Withdrawal Policy, 404.4).

I — incomplete course work

The designation, I, or incomplete, is appropriate where the instructor deems that circumstances beyond the student’s control prevented timely completion of course requirements. The designation is given by the instructor only after consultation with the student and after the student has been informed in writing of the work to be completed and the date by which the work must be completed; additionally, a copy of the written notice must be filed with the department chairperson.

Expiration Date
The work must be completed and the instructor must submit the change to the appropriate grade by the date grades are due during the next nine-month academic semester (fall or spring) for undergraduate courses, and within one year from the date grades were due for graduate courses. If the instructor does not convert the incomplete grade or submit an extension request within the allowable time frames the Incomplete grade will expire.

A request to extend the deadline to complete an I must be completed by the instructor and forwarded to the Office of Records and Registration prior to the Expiration Date. The extension request must include a specific date by which all course work will be completed, and this date will be the new Expiration Date.

Regardless of any extensions that may have been granted, an unconverted I grade will expire on the date that grades are due in a semester where the student has applied for graduation.

Once an I expires, it will be administratively converted to an F on a date to be set by the Registrar.

In Progress (IP) Grade – graduate only
The In Progress (IP) grade is distinct and different from the Incomplete (I) grade. An IP is used for thesis, dissertation, or other similar classes that have a time obligation that is longer than the traditional semester or session. IP indicates that the student is making satisfactory progress in that class. Students who do not make satisfactory progress will be granted no credit (NC). The IP grade is not calculated into the grade point average. In most cases upon the completion of the required work, the instructor will assign a grade of CR. An IP that has not been converted to a grade by the date that grades are due in a semester where the student has applied for graduation will be administratively converted to NC on a date to be set by the Registrar.

Repeated Grades1
If a student repeats a course for credit, only the last occurrence of the course shall be counted toward credit hours or cumulative grade points, except in circumstances of academic integrity. The earlier grade will remain on the transcript with an “E” indicating exclusion from the grade point average. If there have been any changes in course numbers or titles, the student must obtain approval from the chairperson of the department offering the course to be assured it is an identical course. Once a degree has been awarded, a course included in that degree may not be repeated for credit.

Changing Grades
The course instructor has the responsibility for assigning grades.  In the event that an instructor cannot issue a grade, the chair of the department offering the course may issue the grade, using whatever evidence is available.

Grades must be submitted to the Registrar by the date assigned in the academic calendar (see Calendar and Schedules Policy – LR 514.7).  If the grade has not been entered by this deadline, the symbol MG (missing grade) shall be entered. Missing grades should be changed to a final grade no later than three business days prior to the first day of classes in the subsequent academic term.

Grades may be changed through the Grade Appeal process, through the conversion of an Incomplete to a grade, through the conversion of an IP to a grade, and through the Grade Change Process.

Grade Change Process: Under some circumstances not covered by an Incomplete or In Progress, a grade may be changed by the course instructor through submission of a grade change request.  The request must be reviewed by the chair of the department offering the course.

Reporting Grades
The schedule and method of reporting grades to the student are determined by the Registrar’s Office.

1 The implementation date for this change will be Fall 2019.

Source:  Faculty Senate Minutes (3/30/2018, 2/26/1987, 12/8/1983, 5/8/1975, 5/2/1973), 1968 Little Rock University Bulletin (grand-fathered)
Status:  Active
Approved By:  Andrew Rogerson, Chancellor
Originator:  Faculty Senate
Custodian:  Faculty Senate