General Regulations for Student Activities – LR 504.5

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: General Regulations for Student Activities
Policy Number: LR 504.5
Effective Date: April 1, 2010 (review date)


Student activities must comply with these regulations:

  1. Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) are permitted to sponsor events and activities for their members and invited guests.
  2. Requirements of attendance by advisors, approved chaperones, or police officers are determined by the type of event, if alcoholic beverages will be involved, and number of persons expected to attend. The determination is made by the approving office in consultation with the president of the group.
  3. Student organizations may undertake fundraising projects. (See policies for fundraising.)
  4. An event shall not be publicized until approved by the advisor and officially scheduled with the Information Center.
  5. Events scheduled on campus must close by midnight on Sunday through Thursday, unless a holiday, and by 2 a.m. on Friday, Saturday, and holidays. (Refer to Outdoor Musical Events.)
  6. Classrooms are not to be used for general purposes.
  7. UA Little Rock police officers or other constituted law enforcement officers are required for dances scheduled on campus and may also be required by the approving office for certain types of events on or off campus, at fraternity/sorority lodges, and at student centers.
  8. When certified police officers are required by the approving authority for campus events, for events hosted at fraternity/sorority lodges or any event held within the university’s jurisdiction, a written request for police services must be submitted to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) ten (10) class days prior to the event. Events that require police services must also be placed on the university calendar ten (10) class days prior to the event. If DPS is unable to provide police services, the approving official will be notified at least three (3) class days prior to the event. The approving official will notify the student organization that the event must be canceled. All arrangements for police services will be conducted between the RSO and DPS. Payment for police services will be made when the request for services is submitted. There will be a built-in charge of thirty (30) minutes for clearing the facility and premises after the closing of the event.
  9. All Greek Lodges’ social events will be restricted to invitation only. Guests, other than members, must receive written invitations prior to the events. Invitations will include the name of the function, the name of the sponsoring group, the date, and time, UA Little Rock’s policy concerning the use of alcohol, and where appropriate, the organization’s official identification symbol. A master guest list, which includes all guest names, will be maintained at the approved entrance(s) and as invited guests present their invitation, the master guest list will be checked and a notation will be entered on the guest list denoting that a guest is in fact attending the function. A copy of the master guest list must be submitted to the reviewing office forty-eight (48) hours prior to the function.
  10. The maximum number of individuals permitted to be in attendance at a particular event at any one time must be determined prior to registering the event and in conjunction with the appropriate fire marshal and the University reviewing office. Groups will be responsible for keeping an accurate count of the number of individuals in attendance at any one time.
  11. The number of permissible entrances for a registered social event will be determined during the reviewing process with the organizational delegate and the reviewing office’s designee. Likewise, the number of exits, as well as the appropriate requirement for manning them, will be determined during the reviewing process, and will be based on appropriate fire codes and safety requirements.
  12. Marshals should be identified individuals, i.e., t-shirts, arm bands, hats, etc., and are responsible for the proper management of the social event They are expected to be on duty for the duration of the social event. Marshals shall refrain from the consumption of alcohol and shall work with the advisor or sponsor and university police when appropriate. Some of the marshal’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, controlling entrances and exits, verifying invitations, confronting individuals with alcohol in public areas, confronting other inappropriate behavior, and making decisions regarding the continuation of the event, if necessary.
  13. Due to potential liability, the only structures which the university will permit to be constructed are fences which may be built to ensure that only those persons possessing invitations enter an event. Materials must be evaluated by the City Fire Marshal for safety. Petitions for exceptions may be made through the reviewing office.
  14. A clean-up committee must be identified prior to the activity. Clean-up of the outside property, fences, and neighborhood must be completed immediately following the event. All materials must be removed within two (2) class days of the function. All groups should remember that these are minimum standards of care that should be exercised in all social events. Depending on the scope of activities, additional measures may be deemed necessary by the group and/or university to ensure a safe and enjoyable activity.

Source: UALR Student Handbook 2009
Approved By: Dr. Jan L. Austin
Custodian: Office of Campus Life