Metallic Nanoparticles Coated with Graphitic Shells as Localized Radio Frequency Absorbers for Cancer Therapy

Technology Overview

This technology is a method for cancer treatment via in vivo tumor thermal ablation. The method uses metallic nanoparticles coated with graphitic sheets that act as localized radio frequency absorbers. Such nanostructures are introduced into a mammal to selectively target at least one type of cancerous cells. The targeted cancerous cells are then killed by heat generated around the nanostructures caused by applying radio frequency electromagnetic waves.

Drugs or genes can be attached to these nanostructures and hence these nanostructures can also be used for precise delivery of drug and gene delivery to a targeted area.


  • Powerful: can process large tumor cells.
  • Minimally invasive: facilitates targeted treatment of tumors, minimizing impact on surrounding tissue.
  • Improved efficiency: use of radio frequency resonance minimizes heating and is more efficient for targeting localized cells.
  • Increased patient convenience: this method can potentially reduce the number of treatment sessions.


Some of the potential applications for this technology include:

  • Oncology therapeutics
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Drug and/or gene delivery

Keywords: nanostructure, radio frequency, thermal ablation, cancer therapy, cancer treatment, drug delivery, nanoparticles, graphitic sheet

Inventors: Alexandru S. Biris, Zhongrui Li, Meena Mahmood, Yang Xu, Alexandru Radu Biris