Technology Development and Licensing

If your company is interested in licensing any of our available technologies please fill out one of the following pertinent forms:

When confidential information must be exchanged in order for UALR and interested parties to determine whether to enter into other more detailed agreements, a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is used to outline the terms under which the confidential information shall be exchanged. ONLY CIC can negotiate and execute these agreements and manage the process. Below you will find the UA System Standard NDA, however, depending on the case more detailed and specific NDAs may be required therefore please call us to receive pre-approval.

Material Transfer Agreements

When innovators at UALR want to send or receive materials from researchers at other institutions or companies, UALR may enter into a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA). The MTA clarifies how the materials may be used and defines rights and responsibilities for both the provider and the recipient. MTAs for companies and commercialization purposes are the sole responsibility of CIC.

  • Material Transfer Agreement Template (to be uploaded soon)

License Agreements

Sending information or material outside the U.S. or to a foreign national inside the U.S.

  • Export Controls – ORSP is responsible for export controls, please consult them prior to sending any material in other countries.