For Inventors

This page provides basic information concerning technology transfer, patents, copyrights, and the policy and procedures of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with respect to such intellectual property matters. Its purpose is to supplement University of Arkansas Systems Board Policy 210.1 (Patent and Copyright Policy), which states, as one of its objectives, to:

assist the faculty, students, and staff in matters related to Inventions, patents, and copyrights and provide an environment that will encourage the disclosure and development of meaningful Inventions and Works.”

There are many instances in which University researchers through their creative efforts make discoveries which are patentable or copyrightable. It is hoped that through this web section we will enable those researchers, when discoveries are made, to know:

  1. What to do?
  2. When to do it?
  3. Where to obtain forms?
  4. Whom to ask for assistance?

Further it will serve as a hub for resources that enable inventors to better harvest their resources and capabilities.