Apparatus and Methods for Synthesis of Large Size Batches of Carbon Nanostructures

Technology Overview

The technology is a structure that can be used to produce nanostructures such as single wall (SWNT) and multi-wall (MWNT) carbon nanotubes. The structure is an improved version of a catalytic chemical vapor deposition (CCVD) process chamber. Various designs of the chamber are all targeted at improving the uniformity of the feedstock gas flow over the catalytic material, as well as more evenly heating the catalytic material.


  • Higher quality – material structure more uniform and closer to ideal structure desired
  • Higher purity – less contamination from precursor or catalytic materials
  • Reduced energy consumption – energy consumption reduced by factor of 2-3


  • High strength materials – industries using such materials include aerospace, industrial, transportation, and energy
  • Biomedical – drug delivery
  • Sensors – chemical and biological sensors
  • Electronics – solar cells, thermocells, transistors, ultracapacitors

Keywords: manufacture of carbon nano, nanostructures, carbon nanotubes, carbon nanowire, SWNT, MWNT, process reactor

Inventors: Alexandru S. Biris, Dan Lupu, Jon G. Wilkes, Dan A. Buzatu, Dwight Miller, Jerry A. Darsey