Graphic Design Students Form Group to Help Local Non-Profits

A new student group, designDenada, has formed to give UALR graphic design students an opportunity to share their talents with local non-profits.

Kevin Cates, assistant professor of graphic design and faculty adviser for designDenada, said the group consists of upper level graphic design students and alumni providing designs for local non-profit organizations. After receiving the client’s guidelines, the students design the requested logo, printed material, or web design.

Lani Parker, a spring 2010 graphic design graduate,  said besides strengthening her design skills, the designDenada group allows her to gain experience outside of UALR and adds  to her confidence to pursue work.

“What I have gotten out of the experience is confidence to work collaboratively with others, as well as how to receive and utilize criticism, how to organize ideas, and work with clients to ensure that the projects requested are accomplished with complete satisfaction,” she said.

Martha Darbonne, a post-baccalaureate graphic design student, said using her graphic design skills outside of classes makes her think more about the impact of the designs.

“An updated, clean design looks professional and suggests more current services available by that organization,” Darbonne said.

Brad Cushman, UALR art gallery director, has invited the students to help produce materials for the Gallery program. Cushman said the first project they are collaborating on is brochures describing the fall exhibition series.

Teresa Warren, a senior graphic design major, said designDenada is a great opportunity to obtain experience, exposure, and to build relationships centering on graphic design.

“I thought [the group] would help hone my skills as a designer and give me a better idea of how the entire process works in the field,” Warren said. “I also enjoy working in the UALR art department. I think they are a phenomenal team, and they give me great inspiration.”

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