Advisors within the College of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences, and Education (CHASSE) assist students throughout their college journey. There are two types of advisors at UA Little Rock: professional advisors and faculty advisors.

The main responsibility of the professional advisor is advising students. Our professional advisors are located within the CHASSE Student Success Center and each advises a particular student population.

Faculty advisors are professors who advise students alongside their teaching and research responsibilities. Faculty advisors are located within their respective departments and advise most students with over 45 earned hours in their major.

If you have been taking classes at UA Little Rock for at least one semester, you can find out who your advisor is in your BOSS account by clicking “My Advisor” under the Student Services tab. New and current students without an assigned advisor can be connected to an advisor by contacting the CHASSE Student Success Center.

Please reach out to the CHASSE Student Success Center however it is most convenient for you:

We can connect you to your advisor in the following departments and degrees:

Applied Communication *

  • Art and Design
  • Education *
  • English
  • History
  • Mass Communication *
  • Music
  • Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies *
  • Psychology *
  • Public Affairs
  • Rhetoric and Writing *
  • Sociology and Anthropology *
  • Theatre Arts and Dance
  • World Languages *
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (degree) *
  • Associate of Arts in General Studies (degree)
  • Allied Health, 2+2 plans (degree)
  • Undecided

* These departments/degrees offer online programs.

Undecided Students

If you are undecided about a major, you will be assigned a professional advisor within the CHASSE Student Success Center. Through career and degree exploration, we will help you find the most fitting major. During this time, you will take general education courses that are required of all students so that you are still progressing toward degree completion!

Associate of Arts in General Studies (AAGS)

The Associate of Arts in General Studies (AAGS) is a 60-hour degree that students can either obtain by itself or on the way to completing a bachelor’s degree. We recommend that students complete the AAGS as a stepping-stone because it may lead to career advancement while they complete their bachelor’s degree. It also ensures that the student earns a credential just in case they are unable to or decide not to finish the bachelor’s degree. Read about the requirements of the AAGS here.

Allied Health, 2+2 Agreements

Our Allied Health 2+2 agreements are for students wanting to ultimately transfer from UA Little Rock to UAMS to complete a bachelor’s degree in the field of allied health. Students following these agreements first complete the Associate of Arts in General Studies at UA Little Rock, and then they are eligible for admissions into their prospective program at UAMS so long as they have satisfied all requirements of the agreement. Read more here.

Advising in a Time of Social Distancing

Virtual and phone appointments are still being encouraged during this time. Most advisors can accommodate face-to-face advising if requested. Per safety guidelines, please wear a mask.