Jay Anderson

Academic Advisor


FA 263

Jay’s official name is Jerry, however, chooses to go by Jay for simplicity. Jay is a native to Little Rock, Arkansas. Jay graduated from Arkansas Tech University with a B.A. in Speech Communication with an emphasis in Theatre and an M.S. in Student Affairs Administration. Jay’s hobbies include, reading, writing, dancing, singing, playing the piano, and watching anime. Jay is a brother of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. since the spring of 2017, crossing in the Nu Alpha Chapter. Jay has served diverse communities while working in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) throughout Jay’s collegiate career. While working in DEI, Jay developed, implemented, and assessed collaborative programs that explore identity, with emphasis on sections regarding marginalized populations while addressing current events that impacted multicultural communities. While in undergrad, Jay joined eleven student organizations, becoming president of three organizations. During graduate school, Jay became the campus advisor for two multicultural student organizations while being active in three organizations and being president of the college’s honor society. Keenly engaging with the students on how to further develop their organizations as a mentor and pillar of support, Jay has mentored, advised, interviewed, and evaluated students and their holistic performances. With these experiences, Jay is able to advise and assist in the development and facilitation of certain trainings and educational workshops tailored for students, faculty, and staff. While working in Student Affairs, Jay has gained invaluable knowledge on topics such as intersectionality, the concerns of underrepresented student communities, diversity, and social justice issues, as well as systems for catering to the holistic development of the students we serve.

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