First Generation Students

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Facing the Challenges-The definition of challenge is to stimulate somebody by making demands on their intellect. You are not alone in your quest for an education. We have faculty and staff in every department that is here to help you, support you and cheer you on.

It’s Your Time-Throughout your education, you can explore, ask questions and think about what matters to you and your role and contribution back your community. Step outside your comfort zone and take advantage of all the programs, services, events, faculty and staff that are available to you at UALR.

Build Relationships-It is very important that you get to know your professors, the staff you see on a regular basis and your fellow classmates. Making relationships with those that can help you will make all the difference in your advancement and achievement of your educational goals.

Managing Time-Balancing work, family time, school, community and having a life can be done with careful planning.  At the beginning of each semester, plan your time according to your courses. Get a planner and mark all test dates, due dates etc…Then backward plan from there. For example if you have a test on the fifteenth of each month, then you know that you need to start gathering study materials on the first and start studying 30 minutes every day on the fifth.

College Life-Getting involved in campus programs, organizations and events is the best way to meet people that have the same interests as you. The diversity of our students brings a variety to campus. You will meet students and professors from all over the world here!

Who Will You Become-Your future is in your hands, but you are not alone. Just by getting into college, you have broken a barrier that keeps thousands of potential first generation students from a higher education because of their race, origin and social class. You will develop a new identity while you are in college; not only of a college student, but as a future social worker, accountant, teacher etc…The possibilities are only limited by you.

Paying It Forward-When you have completed your degree and you enter the workforce, you should reach back to your community and pay it forward to the next first generation student. It might be your sibling, cousin or even your parent that you have motivated into being the next First in the Family. Don’t ever miss the opportunity to tell people how you blazed a new trail and become a UALR First Generation Student.