Single Stall Restroom Map

Single Stall Restroom Map

Single Stall Restroom Map PDF

This campus map shows where all single stall restrooms are located on campus. The sites include:

Open Access Single Stall Restrooms:

  • Commons in Campus Living
  • Donaghey Student Center (DSC) – Fitness Center 1st floor
  • Fribourgh Hall (FH) – 5th floor by elevator
  • Jack Stephens Center (JSC) – Mezzanine (Accessible)
  • Ottenheimer Library (LIBR) – 5th floor (Accessible)
  • Speech Building (SPCH) – 1st floor, across the hall from the McNair Program office (SPCH 120) (Accessible)
  • Trojan Grill / WOW Cafe (Accessible)
  • University Commons (UC) (Accessible)
  • Village Clubhouse (Accessible)

Restricted Access Single Stall Restrooms:

  • Donaghey Student Center (DSC) – Cafeteria (Accessible)
  • Donaghey Student Center (DSC) – Health Services (Accessible)
  • East Residence Hall (Accessible)
  • West Residence Hall (Accessible)