Timeline for planning, assessment, and reporting

1) Department annual plan – develop by June 30

  • Should be developed in June for the coming year; sometimes done at a division-wide retreat.
  • Utilize the Google spreadsheet template that is provided.
  • List goals for the department, tactics (what steps will be taken to meet the goal), due dates, and responsible parties.  A minimum of three assessments are to be done:
  • This annual plan should be reviewed at least monthly at departmental meetings to ensure everyone is on track with their objectives. Due dates can be adjusted based on circumstances.
  • Make updates throughout the year, including the final status column.
  • This document will provide valuable information for the departmental annual report.

2) Assessment – throughout the year, finish by June 30

  • Beginning 2017-18, departments should conduct at least three assessments per academic year, which must be listed in the departmental annual plan:
  • Sharon Downs is available to help departments develop meaningful assessments.
  • A mid-year report is due to Sharon by January 31. A template will be provided.
  • Results and action plan should be explained in the annual report.

3) Annual Report – due mid-July

  • A google document has been set up for each department to use for entering annual report information.
  • Due mid-July for the previous year.
  • The curated annual report that includes information from the entire division will be on the website and in print by the end of August.


The Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs – Wellness and Inclusion is available to assist or advise on any of these strategic initiatives.

Creating Annual Reports

A detailed description for creating annual reports is available and will be sent to directors by the end of May, 2019.


Previous annual reports are linked here.