Use of Roof and Exterior Walls of Buildings – 703.3

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Use of Roof and Exterior Walls of Buildings
Policy Number: 703.3
Effective Date: October 4, 1982


The university has a concern about improper uses of its roofs and buildings and uses of exterior sides of buildings reached by way of roofs or upper windows, etc. Such portions of buildings are not intended for general traffic. Personal injuries and damages to roofs and buildings may result.

Rappelling using university buildings is specifically prohibited, and other than those university employees and students specified in the UALR University wide Policy (720.1), any other person, including students, employees, or those not associated with the university, found in or on the areas shall be removed from and arrested for trespassing and/or charged with violation of institutional regulations, i.e., subjected to university disciplinary proceedings and/or actions.

The following regulations regarding such sites are to be enforced by University personnel having charge of a building or buildings, and by the security officers of the institution:

  1. The areas described shall be accessible to University employees, such as Physical Plant personnel, having a need directly associated with their work on behalf of the University. They are to be accessible for members of the faculty and their students in connection with a regularly-scheduled curriculum course which requires such access (e.g., Astronomy class, Electrical Engineering Antennae Laboratory, etc.), but only after establishing with the Director of the Physical Plant those areas which may be utilized without damage to roof or structure and in order that proper grounding of lightning hazards may be installed on any equipment erected.
  2. Other than those University employees and students specified above, any other persons (including students, employees, or those not associated with the University) found in or on the areas described above shall be removed therefrom and arrested for trespassing and/or charged with violation or institutional regulations (subjected to University disciplinary proceedings). It is the duty of University employees to report such violators. Action should also be taken to again secure the points of access used by such violators.
  3. Where there is legitimate need for non-University personnel (architects, independent contractors installing or repairing facilities, etc.) to be permitted access to the areas described, their requests should be referred to the Director of the Physical Plant. He shall supervise, and may condition, the access in order to protect the interests of the University in the event he grants the permission. Permission shall be granted subject to execution of the attached release form.
  4. No rooftop machinery, equipment, antennae, greenhouses, rappelling anchors (temporary or permanent), or other property shall be installed on roofs or roof edges without express permission from the Director of Physical Plant for the particular campus.
  5. Rappelling using University buildings is specifically prohibited.
  6. Student handbooks shall contain a summary of this policy, as shall faculty and staff handbooks. University security officers shall enforce this policy.

Source: UALR Student Handbook 2009, University-wide Administrative Memo 720.1, October 4, 1982
Approved By: Dr. Joel Anderson
Custodian: Chancellor’s Office