Fostering the co-creation of better social worlds through positive communication

UA Little Rock’s Department of Applied Communication is committed to living out its mission. Applied communication looks at how communication theory and principles can be used to better the communication that takes place in a variety of contexts. Our curriculum enables students to learn how to practice effective communication in interpersonal, organizational, and public contexts.

We believe that the coursework and experiential learning in which students in our programs engage allow students to learn to use a positive communication framework to ethically lead by analyzing & developing messages, setting & accomplishing communicative goals, and embracing difference & influencing discourse.

Students are able to take courses online, on campus, or in a hybrid format. This allows for flexibility for students to pursue a variety of exciting and meaningful careers.

We offer a bachelor of arts, a master of arts, and several minors and graduate certificates. Reach out to us online to learn more about our programs.

Additionally, we’re proud to offer various services to all students through the Communication Skills Center (CSC). The CSC is located in Ottenheimer Library and is a free campus resource devoted to supporting the development of all stages of the speech creation process, as well as communication skills in a variety of other contexts.

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