Emeritus Faculty

Lester BilskyLester J. Bilsky

Ph.D. University of Washington

Fields: Chinese History,

Environmental History


S. Charles Bolton
Charles Bolton

Ph.D. University of Wisconsin

Fields: American Colonial; American Religion



Charles Bowlus
Charles W. Bowlus

Ph.D. University of Massachusetts

Fields: Medieval Europe; Medieval

Military History



Gerald Hansen

Ph.D. Louisiana State University

Field: Geography



Thomas Kaiser, Ph.D.Thomas Kaiser

Harvard University

Fields: Early Modern Europe, France



Carl H. Moneyhon

Carl H. Moneyhon, Ph.D.

University of Chicago

Fields: Southern US, Civil War and Reconstruction



Harold T. Smith
Harold T. Smith

Ph.D. University of Nevada, Reno

Fields: U.S. Diplomatic History;



Leroy T. Williams

University of Toledo

Fields: African-American, Labor




History professor Vincent Vinikas photographed on August 8, 2016

Vincent A. Vinikas, Ph.D.

Columbia University

Fields: U.S., Social, Native America


Frances Ross

University of Fayetteville

Fields:  Women’s History, Oral History

Deceased Emeritus Faculty

T. Harrison Baker
Harry Baker
Deceased 2004
Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin
Fields: Twentieth Century U.S.;



Richard Dixon


Richard Dixon
Deceased 2012
M.A. University of Arkansas at Fayetteville



Bedford K. Hadley
Bedford K. Hadley
Deceased 2004
Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin
Latin American History



W. A. Owings

William A. (Dolph) Owings
Deceased 2008
Ph.D. Florida State University
Fields: The Balkans; World Military History; Conspiracy and Revolution


Stephen Recken
Stephen J. Recken
Deceased 2010
Ph.D. Washington State University
Fields: Public History, Twentieth Century America



Sherrill, Peter copy
Peter Thomas Sherrill
Deceased 2019
Ph.D. Vanderbilt University
Fields: England; British Empire; Canada



C. Fred Williams
Deceased 2013
University of Oklahoma
Fields: Arkansas, American West