Evenings with History

You have a unique opportunity to share in the excitement of historical discovery through the thirty-first annual Evenings with History series.

The Evenings with History series, sponsored by the University History Institute, features presentations by UA Little Rock faculty members and guest speakers sharing their current research and teaching interests. These talks offer insight into the real workings of historical scholarship and cover a variety of times, areas, and subjects. Many of the presentations illuminate current affairs.

While the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic means that we cannot currently meet in person, we have an exciting series of virtual events planned for 2020-2021. The full schedule can be found below.


Evenings with History is one of the primary means used by the History Institute to raise the funds necessary to carry out its mission. All funds collected by the University History Institute are used to further historical research at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. The UA Little Rock Foundation Fund is also a nonprofit Arkansas corporation and holds U. S. Internal Revenue Service tax-exempt status.

Subscribers to the series support historical scholarship!

  • Individual Subscription: $50 annually
  • Joint Subscription: $90 annually
  • Fellow of the Institute: $250 annually
  • Life Membership: $1,000
  • Corporate Sponsorships: Available with a $250 minimum contribution
  • Regular Registered Undergraduate and Graduate Students at UA Little Rock may attend the lectures free of charge.

If you’re interested in becoming a major donor, contact any officer or board member of the University History Institute email or call us at: historyinstitute@ualr.edu or 501-916-3236.

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Evenings with History, 2020-2021

All events begin at 7:30 pm and will be held online via Zoom.

Tuesday, 17 November, 2020
Enslaved by the Church, Sold for the Republic: The Untold Story of the Men, Women, and Children Sold as ‘National Property’ During the French Revolution
Dr. Nathan Marvin

Tuesday, 19 January, 2021
Roundtable – Election 2020: An Immediate History
Drs. David Baylis, John Kirk, Brian Mitchell, and James Ross

Tuesday, 9 February, 2021
Public History Graduate Student Research Forum
Acadia Roher, Emily Summers, and Mollie Waldon

Tuesday, 9 March, 2021
Roundtable – Pandemics in History
Drs. Andrew Amstutz, Barclay Key, Johanna Lewis, Kristin Mann, and Michael Heil

Tuesday, 13 April, 2021
Visualizing Digital Archival Access: Mapping Urban Renewal in Little Rock
Dr. Deborah Baldwin, Shannon Lausch, and Elise Tanner, Center for Arkansas History and Culture
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About the University History Institute

The University History Institute is a nonprofit Arkansas corporation created to provide public support for the Department of History at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Funds raised by the Institute are used primarily to provide assistance to faculty members in pursuing their scholarly research. To this point the History Institute, in conjunction with Ottenheimer Library and other outside organizations, has provided over a hundred thousand dollars in grants for the purchase of archival and library materials to promote this research. Our current Board of Directors represent a cross section of the Central Arkansas community and include:

Dr. Joe Bates, President
Judge Ellen Brantley, Vice President
Lee Johnson, Treasurer

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Pat Goss | Bob McKuin
James Metzger | Delia Prather
Terry Rasco | Elaine Scott
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