Get Advised

Students must be advised each semester before registering for classes. Contact your history faculty advisor directly to schedule an appointment.

Contact Your Advisor

  • To declare a degree in history and be assigned an advisor, contact the department chair, Dr. Barclay Key, at
  • To declare a degree in history/secondary education and get advised, contact the program coordinator, Dr. Kristin Dutcher Mann, at
  • Students interested in the M.A. program in public history should contact Dr. Charles Romney at
  • If you have general advising questions, contact Dr. Barclay Key, at

Advising Basics

For most students, advising begins in University College where staff members are skilled in UA Little Rock requirements and procedures. The university encourages students to choose a major early on and then get advised by department advisors. The Department of History takes a personal interest in its majors. We want you to do well here and not stay in college longer than you want to be.

Students are always better off the more they know about requirements and procedures, and take responsibility for their affairs.

Be Careful About Choosing Courses

Part of advising is helping students avoid taking unnecessary hours and helping them schedule courses that meet UA Little Rock requirements.

Sometimes extra hours result from changes in one’s vocational goals or from just exploring to find out what is interesting. Often they are the result of transferring from one school to another. Whatever the reason, more hours than you need is no problem unless it keeps you in school longer than you want to be.